Case Study: 3 Stages of Direct-to-Consumer Success and Scale

Avadim Health came to OceanX with a challenge- help us launch and scale a new product into a competitive health and wellness industry.  They had a great product in the soon to launch Theraworx Relief and a smart go to market strategy but needed help bringing the experience to life and delivering a great customer experience.

Avadim Health chose to partner with OceanX for fulfillment and call center operations to support the launch of Theraworx Relief, a topical therapy for muscle cramps and spasms backed by national television and radio campaigns.  

In this case study we break down how OceanX helped Theraworx dominate their space and specifically the 3 stages for their success

  • How they launched on Amazon Prime using OceanX
  • Scaling Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment and customer service
  • Adding phone sales and subscriptions