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eCommerce & subscription fulfillment - including DTC, B2B, & Amazon FBM

Real-time inventory & shipping analytics

Fulfillment operations launched in 21 days

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3PL Partner Specializing in Beauty & Wellness Industries

Our tech-infused fulfillment operations, strategically located warehouses, and team of experts will ensure your brand delivers fast, affordable, accurate, and beautifully packaged products - every time. 


Nationwide Shipping Coverage


Order & Inventory Accuracy


Per Minute API Order Capture Capability


Save up to this percentage on postage

When choosing a new 3PL we needed a partner we could rely on as our business continues to grow rapidly. OceanX has become a wonderful partner helping our customers get the best experience possible when receiving their packages.

We don’t believe our previous 3PL would have been able to manage the growth like OceanX has. Now we’ve got better access to carrier rates and improved service levels. We can see in real time what’s going on. And over time, we’ll definitely look to utilize more of their distribution centers.

We are incredibly proud to call OceanX our fulfillment partner. They have an outstanding team that is immensely dedicated to their clients. When you work with a partner that has same day shipping speeds and the inventory transparency, it allows you to focus on other parts of the company, while also taking that weight off of your team’s shoulders.

Top to bottom supportive and strategic partner. We would not be where we are today without OceanX's full support of our brand and business. They have been invested in our growth over the last two years and have truly helped us succeed.


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